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Zhou Yong

Zhou Yong was a supporting antagonist on the sixth season of the TV series "24" and was portrayed by guest star Ian Anthony Dale.

Day 6 Character Summary[]

Zhou was a Chinese paramilitary operative, who specialized in special covert operations and had ties to Cheng Zhi. Zhou was hired by Cheng to lead an assault on CTU Los Angeles during the events of Day 6.

Cheng Zhi was in possession of an FB sub-circuit board from a Russian suitcase nuke. When the component was damaged, Cheng had to have co-conspirator Phillip Bauer repair it, but he had to carry out an operation in exchange: apprehend Phillip's grandson Josh and his daughter-in-law, Marilyn. Zhou Yong and his team were assigned by Cheng to lead an assault the CTU building where the Bauers were being held.

At around 2:30am, Zhou and his team were directly below CTU's entry point which was an underground sewer building. Before they could make their assault, they had to shut down CTU's communications, in order to pass the building's security protocol. At approximately 2:42am, all communications were down and Zhou and his men carried out with the assault. Zhou's men quickly took out all of the security guards and then gathered all of the hostages to the bullpen while Zhou asked for the roster list.

After he had a few of his men leave the room, in order for them to locate Josh, Zhou demanded for the Director of CTU to reveal themself. Nadia Yassir, who became the Interim Director when Bill Buchanan was forced to step down, was hesitant to reveal herself. As she began to slowly get up, Milo Pressman, the Internet Protocol Manager, suddenly identified himself as the "Acting Director" of CTU. Zhou called him over, and suddenly shot him in the forehead, killing him instantly to everyone else's shock and disbelief.

After Jack, Marilyn and Josh were brought to the bullpen by Zhou's men, Zhou called Cheng and told him he had the Bauers in his custody. Zhou and his men prepared to make a discrete exit, so he began to secure the hostages in the conference rooms. As the hostages were brought to the conference rooms, Jack and Nadia discussed a plan. Before they got to the conference rooms, Jack, Nadia and Morris O'Brian assaulted the guards. Jack killed two of Zhou's men and another two were each dispatched by Nadia and Morris. Zhou then grabbed Jack and threw him to the ground, preparing to shoot him but Jack knocked his firearm away. Jack then repeatedly punched Zhou in the gut and hurled him at a pillar. Jack grabbed Zhou's kevlar holster, strangled Zhou against the pillar and violently snapped his neck. Mike Doyle and Field Unit Bravo then arrived and took control of the situation.