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Zero Tolerance is a 1994 American action film directed by Joseph Merhi which stars Robert Patrick and Mick Fleetwood and distributed by the indie action movie production company, PM Entertainment Group, Inc.. Despite being an indie feature that commonly got a video release in the United States, the UK and Germany, the film actually saw a rare release in Hungary and Japan on June 9 and November 26 respectively that same year of release.


DHS- Zero Tolerance vhs tape cover

After surviving a sneak attack on himself and fellow feds Jimmy (William Steis) and Gene (Michael Gregory) as they transport Mafia boss Raymond Manta (Titus Welliver) out of a Mexican jail, FBI agent Jeff Douglas (Robert Patrick) becomes an unwitting pawn of the White Hand mafia cartel.

Erroneously informed that his already slain family is being held hostage, Jeff is forced to turn one-time courier for the White Hand, whose leaders are Manta and four others—Helmut Vitch (Mick Fleetwood), Milt Kowalski (Miles O'Keeffe), Russ LaFleur (Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter), and Hansel Lee (Gustav Vintas).

After surviving a car-bombing in Las Vegas, Jeff learns the truth about his family, and a devastated Jeff angrily sets out to exterminate the White Hand cartel.

Officially censured but unofficially aided by concerned agent Megan (Kristen Meadows), whose mother was raped and murdered years ago, Jeff steals some FBI files and kicks off his cartel extermination campaign by killing Vitch in Las Vegas, at Vitch's casino.

In New Orleans, Jeff sabotages LaFleur's liquid-heroin deal with a factory fire, and then at LaFleur's night club, Jeff finishes him off in full view of a satellite hook-up watched by Manta and Kowalski at their hide-out.

After that, Jeff kills Lee in his heavily guarded mansion in Seattle. After Megan arrives to speed up Jeff's getaway, the couple is apprehended by local cops, and then ambushed by Manta's men.

Although Megan is captured and taken away in a helicopter, Jeff momentarily flees. Tired of the whining Kowalski, Manta kills Kowalski at his complex, but endures a savage beating from Jeff, who rescues Megan.

Under arrest at FBI headquarters, Manta says it's not over by a long shot. Manta grabs a gun, and in an effort to disarm Manta, Jeff plows into Manta, sending Manta through a window. As a result, Manta takes a fall to his death, which completes Jeff's mission to wipe out the White Hand cartel.


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  • Robert Patrick - Jeff Douglas
  • Titus Welliver - Manta
  • Mick Fleetwood - Vitch
  • Miles O'Keeffe - Kowalski
  • Kristen Meadows - Megan
  • Barbara Patrick - Wendy