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DHS- Nick Jameson in 24

Russian President Suvarov (on the right)

Yuri Suvarov was a recurring politician character on the fifth, sixth and eighth seasons of "24" and was portrayed by voice actor Nick Jameson in all appearances.

Character Summary[]

Yuri was President of the Russian Federation. He was married to Anya Suvarov and both had a strong relationship with American President Charles Logan and First Lady Martha Logan prior to Day 5, when they signed an Anti-terrorism treaty between their countries.

President Suvarov also aided CTU Los Angeles when it was discovered that the Russian consul in L.A., Anatoly Markov, was withholding information regarding Dmitri Gredenko and the terrorist acts of Day 6. Despite some initial diplomatic clash with U.S. Vice-President Noah Daniels, Suvarov ordered the questioning of Markov by Jack Bauer.

Some time later, Suvarov turned out to be the mastermind behind a plot to assassinate IRK President Omar Hassan in an attempt to derail peace accords between Hassan and U.S. President Allison Taylor, which would eventually weaken Russian influence on the IRK. Suvarov was also the person responsible for authorizing the murder of Renee Walker.