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Yorgo Constantine
DHS- Yorgo Constantine (Die Hard 4 and Depth Charge)
Birthdate: N/A
Active: 1991–present
Films appeared in: Phone Booth
Live Free or Die Hard
Depth Charge
The Bourne Conspiracy
Role: ESU Commander (Phone Booth)
Mikhail (24)
Russo (Die Hard 4.0)
Andreyev (Depth Charge)
Additional Voice-Overs (The Bourne Conspiracy)

Yorgo Constantine is a Greek actor who appeared in Phone Booth, the fourth Die Hard film and 2008's Depth Charge. Yorgo has also appeared in films such as Return to Two Moon Junction, Catch and Release, Fracture (with Xander Berkeley and Gonzalo Menendez), Fast Five and Stand Up Guys. He has has recurring roles on shows such as "Roswell", "Resurrection Blvd." (with Tony Plana) and "24" and has guest-starred on "Arli$$", "ER", "The Unit" and "Intelligence" (with Tomas Arana).