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Wynt Perkins

Wynt Perkins was a former smokejumper turned arsonist who appeared as a tertiary protagonist in Firestorm. He was played by Scott Glenn.


Wynt was mentor to Jesse Graves and taught him everything he knew about smokejumping. During a forest fire, Jesse ran into a house to rescue a little girl trapped inside. Wynt followed him and they found the girl, but an explosion flipped over a trailer, which crushed Wynt's foot, leaving him with a limp for the rest of his life. Jesse pulled Wynt free, but later held himself responsible for Wynt's injury. As Wynt pointed out, if Jesse had not acted the way he did, the girl would have died.

Wynt was set up by the lawyer of Randall Shaye to start a forest fire which would allow Shaye to escape from prison. Wynt was unaware of the prison break, and only started the fire so that a land developed could build a school for firemen in it's place. Wynt was distraught when he found out that Shaye and a gang of criminals had escaped. When Karge's charred corpse was discovered, Wynt feared it was Jesse, who had jumped into the fire.

Eventually, Wynt decided to also jump into the forest to find and help Jesse. The two reunited by the lake, where Jesse told Wynt that he knew he started the fire, but promised not to let his colleagues and friends know of his crime. Jesse snuck away to try and help Jennifer, who Shaye had kidnapped, but Wynt had another idea.

Wynt marched onto the dock and explained to Shaye that it was him that started the fire, and had been set up by Shaye's lawyers. Wynt proceeded to shoot Shaye in the leg, wounding him, but Shaye returned fire and Wynt was struck in the chest by a fatal shot gun round. Jesse then avenged his friend's death by killing Shaye.


  • Scott Glenn portrayed a fireman turned arsonist in Backdraft, like he did in Firestorm.