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Wondering [a work-in-title] is an American comedy starring Justin Kirk, Amanda Day, Catherine Campion, Chase Otis, Brittany Benjamin, Bain Smithee, Michael Borka, Ryan Kiser, Punnavith Koy, Susan Chambers, Ava Justin, Chelsey Grant and Denise Richards.


A man in his 40s reenacts his life up til his career and world implodes beyond belief.


•Justin Kirk as Cruise

•Amanda Day as Ana

•Catherine Campion as Gretchen

•Chase Otis as Mike Stearn

•Brittany Benjamin as Deena

•Bain Smithee as Bain

•Michael Borka as Patronizing Customer #2

•Ryan Kiser as Patronizing Customer #3

•Punnavith Koy as Patronizing Customer #1

•Susan Chambers as Over Bearing Mother

•Ava Justin as Jordan

•Chelsey Grant as Cynthia Sidney

•Denise Richards as Principal

•Tony Czech as Jake Stearn

•Alex Galick as Older Michael Stearn

•Brian Austen as Stearn' Brother

•Dave Austin as Stearn' Brother


Is unknown as no predicament occured.


Took place in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota and area surrounding stated place. Filmed not yet under wraps.


TSG Entertainment has delivery rights towards the filming of such above stated.

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