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The Siege Deveraux

Will Devereaux

General William Deveraux was played by Bruce Willis in the 1998 movie The Siege.

He is a rogue general, who takes the politics of the country into his own hands and kidnaps the leader of a terrorist group without the approval or knowledge of anyone igniting the events which lead to the bombing attacks in New York City.

Later, when the bombings in New York finally destroy the FBI building in New York, he, under the orders of the government, takes over command of the troops sent to New York for the purpose of establlishing martial law there in order to combat the terrorists and begins to commit all series of abuses, including murder in the name of fighting terrorism, especially among the Arab population. Through his actons he obstructs Anthony Hubbard´s activities to stop the terrorists, which forces Hubbard to act against him.

After the last sleeper cell is neutralised, Hubbard puts him under arrest for the torture and murder of Tariq Husseini. He surrenders to him after initial resistance. His arrest marks the end of martial law in New York and the freedom of the Arab population, which had been put in an internment camp in a football stadium.