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Wilkins was a convicted criminal and tertiary antagonist in Firestorm where he was played by Benjamin Ratner.


Wilkins was a very nervous criminal who was incarcerated at the Wyoming State Penitentary. While he was there, he was approached by fellow prisoner Davis to aid in a prison break, and Wilkins agreed.

A forest fire erupted near the prison so a group of convicts were put on a bus and taken out to the woods to assist a crew of firemen in battling the blaze. On the bus, Wilkins was introduced to his co-conspirators; former wrestler Karge, serial rapist Packer, ex-pilot Loomis and group leader Randall Shaye.

They reached a group of firefighters facing the fire, and all the convicts got off the bus. Wilkins provided distraction by pestering a prison guard while Shaye knocked a prison guard and the others took the remaining guards, convicts and firemen hostage. One guard grabbed his gun and ran around the other side of the bus, where no one else could see. However, Wilkins was lying in wait and he knocked the guard out.

Shaye came around and killed the guard, congratulating Wilkins while doing so. Shaye then calmly picked up the guards shotgun and fired a single barrel into Wilkins' chest, killing him instantly. The other criminals ran around to see what had happened. Shaye told them that he killed the guard, but before he died he managed to get off a shot and took Wilkins out.