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Wesley Snipes
DHS- Wesley Snipes
Name: Wesley Trent Snipes
Birthplace: Orlando, Florida, United States
Birthdate: 31 July, 1962
Active: 1986–present
Films appeared in: Passenger 57
Demolition Man
Drop Zone
Money Train
Murder at 1600
U.S. Marshals
The Art of War
Liberty Stands Still
Unstoppable (2004 film)
The Marksman
The Detonator
The Contractor
The Art of War II: Betrayal
Game of Death
The Expendables 3
The Player (2015 TV show)
Role: John Cutter (Passenger 57)
Simon Phoenix (Demolition Man)
Pete Nessip (Drop Zone)
John (Money Train)
Detective Harlan Regis (Murder at 1600)
Mark J. Sheridan (U.S. Marshals)
Neil Shaw (The Art of War I and II)
Joe the sniper (Liberty Stands Still)
Dean Cage (Unstoppable)
Painter (The Marksman)
Lorenz / Jason York (Chaos)
Sonni Griffith (The Detonator)
James Dial (The Contractor)
Marcus Jones (Game of Death)
Doc (The Expendables 3)
Mr. Johnson (The Player)

Wesley Snipes (born July 31, 1962) is an American actor, film producer, and martial artist. He is best known for his role as the Marvel Comics title character in the Blade film series. He has starred in various other actioners and dramas such as Major League (with Tom Berenger), King of New York (with Laurence Fishburne and Christopher Walken), The Waterdance, White Men Can't Jump, Boiling Point (with Dennis Hopper, Tobin Bell and Viggo Mortensen), Rising Sun (with Sean Connery and Steve Buscemi), Murder at 1600, Down in the Delta, Disappearing Acts, Antoine Fuqua's Brooklyn's Finest (with Don Cheadle and Ethan Hawke), Game of Death (with Robert Davi) and The Expendables 3 (again with Davi and also with Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham and Jet Li).

One of Snipe's earliest forays into the Action genre was as determined airline security expert John Cutter in the Die Hard scenario film Passenger 57 as well as a villain with rather anti-hero characteristics in the Phone Booth-inspired film Liberty Stands Still.