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Wayne Palmer on Season 3

Wayne Palmer was a supporting protagonist on the third, fifth and sixth seasons of the television series "24" and was portrayed by actor DB Woodside.

Character Summary[]

Wayne was the brother of President David Palmer and lawyer Sandra Palmer. He served as David's White House Chief of Staff following Mike Novick's dismissal from Day 2. Wayne ended up giving various advice to his brother David but also ended up causing his brother to resign as a result of his scandal with housewife Julia Milliken, the spouse of Alan Milliken who threatened to drop all financial support of David's reelection campaign. David enlisted ex-wife Sherry Palmer in convincing Alan to reconsider but that ended up in a verbal argument between the two and Alan succumbing to a stroke which Sherry prevented him from taking his meds. Julia, Alan's unhappy wife, was still uneasy about the whole situation and this ended up in an attempt to cover up the murder. Julia, feeling guilt then suddenly shot both Sherry and herself after Wayne attempted to find evidence to frame Sherry as a counter-measure against Sherry trying to take down David along with her for the murder rep.

On Day 5, Wayne was helping his brother David write his memoirs when David was suddenly shot in front of Wayne by unseen assassin Conrad Haas. Wayne later ended up helping Jack Bauer solve the conspiracy which had also claimed the lives of Michelle Dessler and the attempted murder of Tony Almeida as well. Wayne helped Bauer take down the conspiracists Christopher Henderson and corrupted President Charles Logan as well as help save witness Evelyn Martin.

By Day 6, Wayne had somehow been elected President of the United States. After many controversial decisions between his White House Chief of Staff, Tom Lennox, and National Security Advisor Karen Hayes, Wayne ended up suffering significant brain damage as a result of an attempted assassination carried out by Reed Pollock and Bruce Carson. After Hamri Al-Assad sacrificed himself to shield Wayne from the blast, Wayne still spent several hours in surgery as a result of this explosion.

To prevent Vice President Noah Daniels from taking premature action against the Middle East, Sandra and Hayes convinced the President's doctors to bring Wayne back to consciousness so that he could resume his duties. However, Wayne only served for a few more hours before suffering a hemorrhage and falling into a coma, which he had not woken from by the end of Day 6. At some point after Day 6, Palmer succumbed to his wounds and died.