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Walt Cummings on Season 5

Walt Cummings was a supporting character and later a villainous presence on the fourth and fifth seasons of the TV series "24" and was portrayed by actor John Allen Nelson.

Character Summary[]

He was the White House Chief of Staff under President Charles Logan during Day 4 and Day 5. He was exposed as a member of a conspiracy within the United States government and was killed on the orders of President Logan and Graem Bauer to protect their involvement.

Day 4[]

When Charles Logan became the President of the United States following President John Keeler's plane crash, Cummings was his Chief of Staff. He frequently had run ins with Jack Bauer, and when he found out that Jack had led a raid on the Chinese Consulate, Cummings sent a United States Secret Service Agent named Dale Spalding to CTU to kill Jack Bauer, in case the Chinese were able to capture Jack and get info out of him. This plan failed as Jack escaped with David Palmer's help.

Day 5[]

In Day 5, it is revealed that Walt Cummings played a role in the assassination of David Palmer. He also implanted a mole within CTU to kill Jack Bauer, but Jack discovered this, and got info from the mole, Spenser Wolff, to find out Cummings' involvement. Walt Cummings was then detained and tortured by Jack, and disclosed that he had given the terrorists Sentox nerve gas, but hoped to detonate it in Asia, to reveal Weapons of Mass Destruction.

It then appears that Walt Cummings commits suicide by hanging himself. But later on, when it's revealed that President Logan is behind the conspiracy, we learn that Logan actually had Walt killed to prevent any further information being leaked.