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DHS- psycho Waingro (Kevin Gage) in Heat (1995)

Waingro is a career criminal, former biker gang member, serial killer and thief who was formerly associated with Neil McCauley and his crew, also appearing as the main antagonist in 1995's crime movie, Heat. He is portrayed by actor Kevin Gage in his best known role to date.

Character Summary[]

A psychopathic and predatory monster, Waingro was very uneasy and creepy to be around, and found himself

expelled from the gang of thieves after a violent armoured car robbery. After killing a stripper post-coitus and betraying the whereabouts of the gang to Roger Van Zant, Waingro was finally dealt with after Neil executed him with various gunshots in Waingro's own hotel room.


Though initially serving as the secondary antagonist, Waingro

ends up as the primy n aagonist as he becomesme more sinister and vientle. the primary antagoi,,st Neil McCaul, eyig mo areffable rs one of the two protagonists, alongside Vincent Hanna.