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DHS- Kevin Bacon in The River Wild


Wade is the primary villain portrayed by actor Kevin Bacon in the 1994 adventure thriller The River Wild.

Character Summary[]

Wade and his partner, Terry were armed robbers who threaten a woman named Gail Weathers and her family to help them paddle down the Salmon River and cross the boarder with their stolen loot.

After one of his partners who was with them during their journey had died from a fatal bullet wound during their robbery, Wade used Gale to get across the river. He quickly wins her and her son over but her husband, Tom is suspicious due to him trying to drown him at one point when he fell in the water and he was trying to save him.

They attempted to escape, but Wade caught them before they could do so and threatened the entire family. One night when Tom tried to steal the gun and escape, Wade and Terry caught him in the act and Wade chase him down and shoot at him. Believing he had killed him due to Tom faking his death, Wade proceeded to use Gail and her son to go further down the river. At one point, Johnny, a Ranger whom Gail once knew, catches them and refuses to let them go any further without a helicopter. Not wanting to get caught, Wade shoots him and throws him into the river, killing him.

Once they get further down the river to where they need to go, they take a break where Tom sets a trap for them. Gail gains the upper hand by getting a hold of their gun and threatens Wade, who begs for his life. However the gun does not fire. Thinking she has nothing to threaten him with, Wade proceeds to try and kill them all, until Gail realizes she just need to turn the revolver. Wade attempts to attack her one last time but Gail manages to shoot him dead before he can do anymore damage. They call for the Rangers and they are rescued while Terry is arrested.