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Vyto Ruginis
DHS- Vyto Ruginis
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Birthdate: 1956
Active: 1985–present
Films appeared in: Cliffhanger
Broken Arrow
The Unit
Role: Matheson (Cliffhanger)
Johnson (Broken Arrow)
Doyle Ransom (The Unit)

(born 1956) is an American character actor who's film credits include: Casualties of War (with John Leguizamo and Ving Rhames), The Devil's Advocate (with Keanu Reeves), The Fast and the Furious, Backflash (with Robert Patrick) and Moneyball (with Glenn Morshower). He has had recurring roles on shows such as "Presidio Med", "ER", "The Unit" and "NCIS: Los Angeles".

He appeared in the Die Hard scenario films Cliffhanger and Broken Arrow, both in villainous roles.