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DHS- Viktor Cherevin (Kenneth Branagh) in Jack Ryan- Shadow Recruit

Viktor Cherevin

Viktor Cherevin is the primary antagonist of the 2014 Jack Ryan reboot film, Shadow Recruit. He is portrayed by actor and director Kenneth Branagh.

Character Backstory[]

Cherevin plans to make the American dollar useless by buying up stock markets and placing his supposedly dead son Aleksandr Borovsky as a sleeper agent in America.

He previously served in the Soviet Military as he was a soldier in the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

Character Summary[]

While working as a junior analyst for the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence, Jack Ryan inadvertently uncovers evidence of an imminent terrorist attack. With no intelligence to verify his discovery, Ryan is promoted to field agent and sent to Moscow to continue his investigation, where he soon encounters Viktor Cherevin, an enigmatic businessman at the center of a plot to cripple the global economy.

As Ryan learns to navigate the world of intelligence, fend off assassins, and address the potential breakdown of his marriage, he comes to the realization that it may already be too late to stop Cherevin from ushering in an economic catastrophe of unprecedented scale.

Film Appearance[]

Cherevin is seen working at his own business of the same name.

Later, Ryan meets Cherevin, organizing dinner that night with his fiancée, Cathy.

At dinner, Ryan, Cathy and Cherevin have casual conversations. While Ryan goes away, Cathy and Cherevin have a conversation about their regrets.

After dinner, Cherevin is back at his building where Ryan meets Cathy. Cherevin becomes suspicious, so Cherevin gets his men to abduct Cathy into the back of a van. Following this, a chase between Cherevin and his men and Ryan around Moscow's streets ensues.

Eventually, Cherevin meets Cathy in the van. He pulls out a light bulb and threatens to kill Cathy by choking it into her mouth, only for Ryan to catch up and stop Cherevin. Ryan rescues Cathy and knocks out Cherevin, only to regain consciousness after a while.

Following this, a portion of the film focuses about his presumed dead son, Aleksandr, who is in America, and alive.

We come back to Cherevin later, after his son dies in New York when Ryan escapes from the back of his van. He is sitting in his office, staring at a picture. Then one of his men tells him to meet with them. He is standing alone in a forest, looking ahead. Then an SUV approaches him, and two occupants pull down their windows. One of the men pulls out his gun and shoots Cherevin in the chest. He is not immediately killed by the gunshot, but succumbs to the gunshot and dies eventually.