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Vera is the secondary antagonist of Home Alone 4 and is the girlfriend of the Marv Merchants (one of the main villains of the original two Home Alone films). She is played by actress Missi Pyle in the film.

Character Summary[]

Vera is implied to have a criminal background and had met Marv Merchants after his release from prison. He married Vera and she became his new partner in crime, replacing his former partner and friend Harry Lime. Also Vera assumed they would carry out burglaries together, Marv opted out of his type of crime due to his failed attempts with Harry and instead came up with a plan to kidnap the Prince who was visiting the mansion of Natalie, whom his mother Molly Merchants works at undercover.

When Natalie and her husband Peter go away for the day and Molly goes out, Vera and Marv go to break in to check out the house, unaware that Peter's son Kevin - who is Marv's adversary - is occupying the house. When Kevin spots him he lures the pair to the bathroom and turns on the water taps, which causes the place to flood and swept the pair away and down the stairs. Marv identifies Kevin as the culprit, and him and Vera make their escape before anyone gets home. Marv gets angry and worried at Kevin's return as he had failed his plans on two occasions before, but Vera reminds him he is just a little boy.

On the night of the Royal Family's apparent arrival, Vera and Marv go undercover as waiters to scout out the house. Going into the room believed to be set up for the Prince, Marv puts Vera in a bag to practice how they will kidnap him. But Kevin sabotages it and causes Marv and Vera to fall from a window. They return to the house to "kill" him, but end up having pots of food thrown over them by Kevin and Marv falls on a burning hot oven and ends up retreating with Vera. The whole night proved pointless and the Royal Family's flight was delayed.

On Christmas Day Molly locks Kevin and butler Prescott in the wine cellar and wait for the Royal Family's arrival. Kevin escapes and after putting Vera and Marv through more mayhem, they end up being knocked out. When the police arrive, Vera and Marv attempt one last escape but get tripped up by Kevin's brother and sister and arrested by the police.