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Valentin is a recurring character in the Pierce Brosnan James Bond films GoldenEye and The World Is Not Enough. He is portrayed by noted character actor Robbie Coltrane in both films.

Character Backstory[]

His full name is "Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky" and he is an ex-KGB agent turned Russian mafia head who runs a bar, a casino and a caviar factory.

When he was younger (and a KGB agent), a conflict with James Bond ended with Valentin being shot in the leg, as well as Bond stealing his car and "his girl." After leaving the KGB, Valentin Zukovsky initially held a grudge against James Bond, but this disappeared when dealing with Bond could make him a profit. He later made a fortune out of a beluga caviar factory. He is consistent, throughout both films, in ironically addressing Bond as "Bond, James Bond."


DHS- gangster Valentin (Robbie Coltrane) in 007 GoldenEye film

Years later while in search of Janus, Bond seeks out Valentin at his nightclub in St. Petersburg wanting him to set up a meeting for Bond with Janus. Zukovsky initially scoffs at the suggestion of doing Bond a favor. However he was persuaded to after being bribed with military equipment and the revelation that when Bond shot Valentin in the leg, he actually had a kill shot.

The World Is Not Enough[]

His personal assistant and driver named Mister Bullion debuts. Later, after Bullion was revealed to have worked with Elektra King, and set off a bomb in Valentin's radio facility and former KGB safe house (now FSB) in Istanbul, Turkey (which he uses to try to contact his nephew Nikolai, whom is running a Victor 3 class submarine), Valentin shoots Bullion. Valentin Zukovsky makes many appearances in the films, before being shot and mortally wounded by Elektra King. Valentin tells Elektra King to give him the officer's hat of his nephew Nikolai by saying "I'm looking for a submarine, it's big, black, and the driver is a very good friend of mine! Bring it to me!", but instead, she shoots Valentin through the hat. He lives long enough after being shot to execute a trick shot using a secret gun hidden within his own cane that allows James Bond to escape Elektra King's trap.