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Vadim in White House Down.

Vadim was Emil Stenz's Russian mercenary and an antagonist in White House Down.

He was portrayed by Anatoly Zinoviev.


Armed with a SIG SG-552 assault rifle, Vadim arrived in the White House kitchen and cornered John Cale and President James Sawyer. Cale attacked Vadim by slamming a wooden knife rack into his head and the two fought. Sawyer was able to get ahold of a suppressed Brugger & Thomet MP9 submachine gun, which he aimed at Vadim. Vadim then grabbed Cale and used him as a human shield. Unable to see, Sawyer put on his reading glasses and Cale escaped as Sawyer pulled the trigger and shot Vadim to death. 

A track on the White House Down original soundtrack was titled "Fighting Vadim".

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