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My favorite Die Hard scenario films and TV shows

Rules for What Determines a Movie as a Die Hard Knock-Off


Bonus points if your DHS film has an epic final death for it's main antagonist

  • Must be set in a similar scenario (enclosed building, trapped on a moving vehicle) or be somewhat isolated.
  • Must have some terrorists or high-tech criminals make a humongous demand
  • Must be an ACTUAL Action movie or directly be stated as referencing this formula
  • Can be a spoof/parody film as long as it often references that formula (Too Late to Die Hard, Last Action Hero, Loaded Weapon 1)
  • Anything Horror can count but there's got to be something to it where the filmmakers are actually making homages or referencing the Die Hard formula in addition to the various Horror movie tropes, it's best to not include them but it is fair game if it's like some home invasion movie.
  • Must have an unstoppable action hero as the protagonist
  • We can include movies with spy film elements as long as there's plenty of Die Hard elements being borrowed
  • Can have disaster or mystery movie elements as long as the overall premise involves an isolated setting, descriptive building location, similar thriller elements or just the overall "trapped-in-this-[insert environment]"
  • Can be a remake of a similar film like The Bullet Train, Broken Arrow, Assault on Precinct 13, Speed, Cellular or Phone Booth but must still have some borrowed elements in order to qualify.
  • Must be a movie which the filmmakers were clearly inspired by Die Hard or were hoping to make a movie similar to it from the get-go; some films will be made as exceptions to this rule since sometimes it's impossible to decipher what the filmmakers were going for but if it came out prior to 1988, it is for sure fair game to make this judgment.
  • Any movie based on completely different source material (remake of a movie made prior to Die Hard, any true life story like 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shootout or Captain Phillips) SHOULD NOT be included. I agree that both of those films have elements but I sincerely doubt that the filmmakers intended to fully reference the Die Hard formula and were mainly focused on bringing the respective true life incidents to life on-screen.
Dolph Lundgren in Die Hard-like movie Command Performance

Top 20 Recurring DHS Actors

My favorite actors who keep appearing non-stop in these Die Hard inspired films include the following. These guys always put a smile on my face because now I know that that when I see them, I'm watching something I won't regret seeing (good or bad).

Update June 19, 2015

I honestly can't believe it but I've been editing on here since February 2014 and have felt the most accomplishment out of all the existing encyclopedia sites from helping create various actor, film and character pages. Given how I must move on with my actual life (of which also I'm content with) and how close I am to completing all of the existing pages, I may end up creating a few actors' pages here and there but I can honestly say my contributions to this site are near complete.

However, I would like to see about encouraging other editors to join here and continue contributing since Altrich, Battleshipman and I shouldn't be the only ones keeping this great site alive and well.

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