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Seal of the United States Department of State

Seal of the State Department.

The United States Department of State (DOS), often referred to as the State Department, is the United States federal executive department responsible for the international relations of the United States, equivalent to the foreign ministry of other countries. The Department was created in 1789 and was the first executive department established. Its headquarters is located in the Harry S Truman building, 2201 C Street, NW.

State Air Wing

Seal of the State Department Air Wing.

The State Department's armed wing is the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), which is responsible for the protection of U.S. embassies, consulates, ambassadors, and diplomatic staff worldwide. Notable, the State Department also has an air wing which primarily operated in anti-drug operations in Latin America from the 1980s to the 1990s. The OV-10 Bronco gunship was mainly used in these operations, which had civilian registration. Following 9/11, the Air Wing went on to expand their operations from mainly anti-narcotics operations to also support security of United States nationals and interests, primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Safe transport for various diplomatic missions were undertaken, requiring the acquisition of larger aircraft types, such as Sikorsky S-61, Boeing Vertol CH-46, Beechcraft King Air and De Haviland DHC-8-300.