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US Capitol Die Hard 4

US Capitol as seen in Live Free or Die Hard

The United States Capitol Building is where the Senate and the House of Representatives meet. It was constructed during Abraham Lincoln's presidency. 


In White House Down, one of the terrorists, Conrad Cern, disguises himself as a janitor and roll a bomb into the middle of the rotunda before setting it off, which causes the dome to collapse, killing three cops and several civilians, distracting the police from a takeover of the White House.

In both 1994 and 2001, the United States mint produced commemorative dollars and half dollars commemorating the bicentennial and visitor center, respectively. The visitor's center half dollar is available at the visitor's center for fifteen dollars, the value of the coin.


  • Rotunda (dome)
  • Brumidi Corridors
  • Capitol Visitor Center
  • Cox Corridors
  • Crypt
  • House Chamber
  • Senate Chamber
  • Hall of Columns
  • Old Senate Chamber (marks spots where former presidents sat)
  • National Statuary Hall
  • Small Senate Rotunda
  • Small House Rotunda
  • Old Supreme Court Chamber
  • Basement (features Abraham Lincoln's bathtub)