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The Under Siege film series is a series of action films. The series is composed of Under Siege and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, which all follow ex-Navy SEAL and highly decorated counter-terrorist expert Casey Ryback as he scrambles upon terrorists operations and must fight terrorists and save many innocent lives as possible. Combined, all 2 films had grossed over $260 million dollars worldwide from the first one in 1992 to the second film in 1995.


Under Siege (1992)[]

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In the first film, Ryback, who served as a cook, battles a team of terrorists who hijacked battleship USS Missouri and hold the crew hostage in an attempt to confiscate the ship's nuclear Tomahawk missiles to the stolen North Korean submarine. The main antagonists in this movie are William Strannix, Commander Krill and Daumer.

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory[]

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In the second film, Ryback takes on mercenaries who have taken over a passenger train traveling from Denver to Los Angeles and use it as a moving headquarters for a military weapons satellite to use for their own bidding. The main antagonists in this movie are Travis Dane and Marcus Penn.