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Uli was the Chinese thief and one of many employed by criminal mastermind Hans Gruber during the Nakatomi Plaza takeover. He is portrayed in 1988's Die Hard by actor and stuntman Al Leong.

Character Summary[]

Uli was among the terrorists in the Pacific Courier truck and went with them to the elevator. He was among the men who took everyone in the 30th floor hostage. Afterwards, Uli helped Heinrich and Marco on moving missiles on the 35th floor roof access and assisted them on planting C4 charges on the 35th floor to destroy the roof of the building.

He was in the reception floor with Eddie when LAPD SWAT team were going in. Once he and Eddie set up to get ready to attack them, Uli saw candy bars on the food stand and picked one up to eat it. While eating a bar, Uli listened to Theo's intel as four men we're about to enter the building. After Hans tells Uli and Eddie to just wound the SWAT team, Uli hits one in the shoulder while Eddie shoots another SWAT member using a blowtorch in the legs.

After that, Uli went with Eddie to guard the hostages in the 30th floor. When Hans and Karl returned with the recovered detonators stolen by John McClane, Uli went up to finish setting the C4. Once it was done, he returned to the 30th floor.

Before Uli can gather the hostages to the roof, Hans listened to Richard Thornburg's interview of Lucy McClane and realized that Holly Gennero was John's wife causing Hans to look the picture which shows John McClane and his family thus putting Holly in danger as well the hostages. After Hans took Holly, he tells Uli to lock the hostages on the roof, to prevent their escape, and return after that. Uli gathered the hostages to the roof only to be shot dead by John. Uli fell down right by where he had planted the C4 he helped place.

Background Information and Notes[]

  • Uli was the eighth man in Hans' group to be killed by McClane.
  • Much like the other henchmen Theo and Kristoff, Uli's chances of survival might have been better had McClane not randomly ushered into said room.
  • This role is one of actor and stunt performer Al Leong's better known roles along with his roles in the cult hit Big Trouble in Little China and the 1987 mega-hit buddy cop film Lethal Weapon (which he also appeared in a lesser known different role the fourth and final installment in the latter franchise).