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DHS- Tripwire movie poster

Tripwire is a 1990 American film directed by James Lemmo.[1]

It is an action/adventure movie about a terrorist and government secret agent personal vendetta that began when a train hijacking goes badly awry and the terrorist son is accidentally killed. The original music score was composed by Richard Stone. Originally intended for a theatrical release, the movie was released directly to video and laserdisc on March 21, 1990 in the U.S. by RCA/Columbia and in Canada on video only by Cineplex Odeon after an initial release overseas and a limited US run. The movie has not been released on DVD and as of December 26, 2009, Sony has not announced any plans to release the movie on DVD.


A band of ruthless international terrorists led by Josef Szabo (David Warner) hijack a speeding railroad train loaded with a full arsenal of powerful military weaponry capable of threatening world peace. The only hero who can stop the terrorists scheme for world domination is Jack DeForest (Terence Knox). During the battle between good and evil the hero DeForest accidentally kills the son of the Szabo. Seeking revenge Szabo locates DeForest’s family, murders his wife and kidnaps their teenage son thereby turning their fight it into a personal vendetta.

So, DeForest must fight not only to save the world, but for his only remaining family.


  • Terence Knox - Jack DeForest
  • David Warner - Josef Szabo
  • Meg Foster - Julia
  • Yaphet Kotto - Lee Pitt
  • Isabella Hofmann – Annie
  • Charlotte Lewis - Trudy
  • Sy Richardson - Turbo
  • Andras Jones - Rick DeForest
  • Marco Rodriguez - El Tigre
  • Viggo Mortensen - Hans
  • Tommy Chong - Merle Shine
  • Richard Stay - Jeff Szabo
  • Lou Bonacki – Reese
  • Dean Tokuno – Mizoguchi
  • Jon Richard Platten - Major Riley