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Major Tom Baxter
DHS- David Morse in The Rock
Name: Tom Baxter
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Nationality: United States of America
Affiliation: United States Marine Corp.
Profession: Marine Force Recon soldier
Rank: Major
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot dead by Captain Frye
Played by: David Morse
Films: The Rock
"You're talking to a General, soldier! Maintain discipline."
―Major Baxter to Captain Frye

Major Tom Baxter was General Frank Hummel's second-in-command and his old friend in The Rock.

Early Life[]

Baxter had fought alongside General Hummel since Vietnam War.

The Rock[]

Major Baxter led the Marines in an assault on the Naval Weapons Depot, a heavily guarded US Navy bunker. They obtained 15 of the VX gas–armed M55 rockets. When a marine attempted to get the 16th rocket, a bead of the gas falls and breaks. When Major Baxter sees it, he told his men to evacuate the vault that is carrying the VX beads. Then, he had the door sealed, reluctantly leaving one of their own men to suffer a horrible death. After a moment of shock, General Hummel informed Baxter that they have to move out.

Then he, along with Captain Hendrix, Sergeant Crisp, Private Scarpetti, Private Gamble and Private Cox, joined Hummel as they took over Alcatraz Island. They were joined by another group of rogue U.S. Marines, led by Captain Frye and Captain Darrow.

When the SEAL Team 1, led by Commander Anderson, infiltrated Alcatraz, they surrounded the SEAL team in the shower room. He was alongside Hummel when the general and Commander Anderson engage in a strong argument over the situation with the SEAL team. When the gunfight was provoked, Major Baxter and the others fired at them, killing the SEAL team.

When Hummel changed the coordinates for the rocket to dive into the sea and the FBI had not paid the money, he wanted to extend the deadline. When Captains Frye & Darrow and Sergeant Crisp mutiny against Hummel, Frye asks Baxter if he is with the mutiny or with Hummel. It appears that Baxter is joining the mutiny, but he shoots at the rebels. He is killed by Captain Frye taking 1 shot to the shoulder and a shot to the heart.