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DHS- 1996 disaster TV movie Thrill

Thrill is a 1996 made for television film that originally aired on NBC network. It's a disaster film starring Antonio Sabato Jr., Stepfanie Kramer, Ted Marcoux, Larry Joshua and Christine Harnos. It's based on a novel by Robert Byrne, written by Joel Steiger and Betty Goldberg, and directed by Sam Pillsbury.

DVD cover plot summary[]

A popular amusement park becomes a chamber of horrors when a madman, hell-bent on destruction, triggers a series of rides to spin completely out of control. Fearing for the prk's worth, owner Theresa Coulson does her best to keep the terrifying accidents out of the press. But the danger escalates to deadly proportions and suddenly the most popular ride in the park, the rollercoaster, becomes a ticking time bomb. Now, in the terrifying vein of Speed, it's up to one man to keep the ride moving, and get the passengers to safety, before it's too late.