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The Task is a user-created web series for YouTube and Vimeo by filmmakers and actors Cam Sully and Gilbert Hiracheta. It stars Hiracheta, Manuel Lerma, Cloyse Caruthers, Scott Rumsey, Jorge R Santos, Brandon King Henry, Tony Dotson, Jim Smith, Kristopher Nguyen, Nathan Hartley, Joe Atinsky, Randy Shoemake, Mike Loud, Kathy Jordan, Ralph L. Burkey, Ruby Robledo, Kiel Williams, Rashaad Dyson, Sylvia Sya, Jan Duncan Weir, Kevin A. Green and Estevan Olvera Arizola and his son Estevan Jr. It also features a cameo by Jean-Claude Van Damme via free-to-use stock footage. It has run for one season so far.


Ex-Cons + Ex-Cops = Ex-Problems!


Ex-officer Jorge Ramos attempts to take down numerous violent robbers, corrupt policemen and conspiring terrorists of all things. It'll take a little more than a quick trigger finger and keeping his enemies closer.

Cast of CharactersEdit

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The Anti-HeroesEdit

The Bad CopsEdit

  • Ralph L. Burkey as Capt. Liotta, shady and current head of the corrupt Dallas police department
  • Kathy Jordan as Commander Janelle, power-hungry, corrupt head of Dallas P.D. S.W.A.T.
  • Scott Rumsey as Officer Bulldog, SWAT officer heavy and main accomplice to both the Capt. and Commander; betrays the vigilante team after attempting to gain their trust
  • Kiel Williams as Officer Johnson, officer who is sent to kill the vigilantes at a prison yard when they're initially being escorted to prison
  • Jan Duncan Weir as Officer Lizette, another crooked and high-profile officer who abused her power on Officer Ramos before the series began
  • Stock footage of Jean-Claude Van Damme and other pre-keyed stunt performers as various bad cops

The Good CopsEdit

The Robbery GangEdit

The Bounty HuntersEdit

The InformantsEdit



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