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DHS- Max and Peter Kingsley, Second Wave terrorists on 24 Season 2

Max and Peter Kingsley

The following are members of the oil consortium conspiracy to start a war between the United States and the Middle East to increase the value of their oil shares in the Caspian Sea. Some characters are also traitors to one another in some of the subplots but overall had the same "get-rich-quick" schemes.

Only credited, recurring or heavily mentioned characters will be included here for now.

Day 2 Second Wave Attack[]

Islamic Terrorist Cell and Partners[]

  • Syed Ali
  • Marie Warner
  • Omar
  • Basheer
  • Mohsen
  • Marko Khatami

Coral Snake Militia and Government Traitors[]

  • Sherry Palmer
  • James Radford
  • Richard Armus
  • Roger Stanton
  • Jonathan Wallace

Anti-Government Terrorists[]

Businessmen, Bodyguards, Hackers and Assassins[]