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DHS- The Outsider (2014) movie poster

The Outsider is an American action crime drama film directed by Brian A. Miller and written by Craig Fairbrass. The film stars Craig Fairbrass, James Caan, Shannon Elizabeth, Jason Patric, Melissa Ordway, and Johnny Messner.


An investigation of a dead daughter begins when a military contractor Lex Walker (Craig Fairbrass) arrives in Los Angeles and he finds the body is not his daughter's. Lex Walker, a British mercenary battling in Afghanistan who drops everything to hurry to Los Angeles when he is informed that his daughter Samantha, who he has not seen in many years, has been found dead. When he arrives at the morgue to identify the body, he is for some reason unsurprised to discover that it is not hers. So he begins a one-man investigation into her whereabouts, trailed by the suspicious detective (Jason Patric) assigned to the case. He soon makes his way to Samantha's boss, Karl Schuster (James Caan), the millionaire CEO of a high-tech company who offers sympathy but little help. It quickly becomes obvious that Schuster is hiding something, since he displays no hesitation about shooting one of his henchmen to death in his own office. Aided by a sexy barmaid (Shannon Elizabeth) enticed by his offer of a $10,000 finder's fee, the take-no-prisoners Lex sets out getting to the bottom of the mystery, beating up or shooting the myriad human obstacles who get in his way. It all leads to his discovery of a massive identity-theft scheme engineered by Schuster about which Lex's very much alive daughter (Melissa Ordway) has the goods.


  • Craig Fairbrass as Lex Walker
  • James Caan as Karl Schuuster
  • Shannon Elizabeth as Margo
  • Jason Patric as Detective Michael Klein
  • Tim Fields as Detective Kennedy
  • Melissa Ordway as Samantha
  • Johnny Messner as Ricky
  • William deVry as Nick Miller
  • Brittney Alger as Girl 1
  • Stephen Conroy as Gunman 1
  • Zack Tiegen as Holden
  • Garrett Saia as Construction Worker
  • William Hayden as Main gunman
  • Mark Oliver as Hassellbring
  • Chelsea Bruland as Marissa
  • Philippe Radelet as Bar Patron
  • Mike Sealas as Bruce