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DHS- The Alternate (2000) movie poster by Millenium Films

The Alternate (Also released under the title "Agent of Death") is a 2000 DTV film starring Eric Roberts, Michael Madsen, Ice-T and Bryan Genesse (who also wrote the film's story) and is directed by American Ninja 's Sam Firstenberg.


In this suspense thriller, President Fallbrook (John Beck) is doing poorly in the polls a week before he's up for re-election. To boost his popularity, one of his advisors comes up with a plan -- stage a kidnapping, and when the chief executive is released under seemingly heroic circumstances, he'll be a shoo-in for another term. However, after Fallbrook and several of his wealthy and powerful friends are grabbed from under the eyes of Secret Service agents, the crooks hired to fake the kidnapping decide to make it into the real thing. One of the Secret Service agents (Eric Roberts) now has his work cut out for him as he tries to rescue Fallbrook from the supposed hoax.