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Ted Cofell

Ted Cofell is a supporting antagonist on the first season of "24" and is portrayed by actor Currie Graham.

Character Summary[]

Theodore "Ted" Cofell (born Borvo Sobrinna) was the CEO of Cofell Enterprises, an investment firm in Burbank at 21500 Riverside Drive. Serbian by birth, he was planted in America by the League of Communist Yugoslavia to infiltrate the U.S. financial community. He was a secret financial supporter of Andre Drazen and his mercenary crew with ties to Kevin Carroll.

As Cofell was trying to take a private plane to Denver, he asked his secretary to order a car ready for him. Ted reached the basement, tipped the attendant, and got in his limousine, not realizing that Jack had taken the place of his usual driver Mark.

As he was being driven from his office, he received a call from Kevin Carroll, who said that something had come up and they needed to meet at the Nordhoff garage. Ted told his driver this, but when he received no response realized that something was wrong. He tried calling someone on his phone, but Jack then pointed a gun at him and took his phone. Jack explained that his wife and daughter were missing, and he believed that they were being held by Ira Gaines, a colleague of Cofell's. Cofell denied this, claiming he was just an ordinary businessman. Jack took his briefcase and drove him towards a secluded dam.

Jack then asked Ted if he knew the names Greg Penticoff, Alan York or David Palmer. Cofell protested his innocence, telling Jack about his meeting with Kevin Carroll, who he claimed was a fellow businessman that sold machine tools. Jack then explained to Cofell about a form of torture used in the Russian gulag, and threatened to force a wet towel down his throat to gain information. In response, Cofell showed Jack pictures of his family, saying all he wanted was to see them again.

Jack then drove Cofell to the Nordhoff Garage to meet Kevin. In the back seat, Cofell covertly drew a hidden knife from his arm rest. When they arrived at the garage, Cofell attacked Jack but was disarmed and his wrist broken. Realizing his cover was blown, he started taunting Jack in Serbian, telling him "you will pay". Jack tried to find out who he was, punching him in the heart. Cofell began to choke and Jack tried to force feed him his heart medication, but Cofell spat it out and died. Jack then propped his body up in the back seat in order to deceive Kevin upon his arrival.