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"Peach Trees has been sealed by blast doors designed to withstand attack. No one's getting out. No one's coming in. And you have every Clan affiliate in the block after your blood. There are no sides. You're already dead."
―TJ to Judge Dredd.
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TJ was the medic at the Peachtree Block.

He was portrayed by South African actor Deobia Oparei in Dredd.

Character Biography[]

TJ was first on the scene when Ma-Ma ordered the execution of three traitors to the clan. TJ is examining their skinned corpses, which have been thrown from a balcony and into the atrium.

When Ma-Ma locks down the building to prevent Judge Dredd and Anderson escapeing with their prisoner Kay, TJ locks up in the Medical Bay on the 25th level and refuses entry into the Med Bay to Dredd out of fear of clan retribution, since Ma-Ma had promised to kill anyone assisting the judges along with the next generation of their families.

When Judge Lex and his group of corrupt Judges arrive to kill Dredd, TJ attempts to warn the judges, hoping they can end the standoff since he can't assist Dredd. TJ explains that Ma-Ma is responsible for the whole situation and has killed many innocents in an attempt to kill Judge Dredd. When Lex asks TJ if he will testify against Ma-Ma, he agrees, so Judge Chan promptly shoots him in the head killing him.

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