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Suarez in Vantage Point
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Killed by Thomas Barnes
Played by: Saïd Taghmaoui
Films: Vantage Point

Suarez was an Iranian Muslim extremist terrorist mastermind and one of the main antagonists in Vantage Point. He was under an alias Sam as an attempt to kidnap U.S. President Henry Ashton.

Vantage Point[]

Howard Lewis is filming the summit when he chats with Suarez, calling himself "Sam". Later during the summit, Suarez leaves and shoots Ashton's body double using a remote-controlled automatic rifle placed in an adjacent window next to the one with the fluttering curtain that had drawn Barnes' attention earlier. The rifle is retrieved by Taylor, who Barnes sees leaving the scene wearing a Spanish policeman's uniform on one of the GNN live feeds, even though he tells Barnes that he's in pursuit of the assassin over the phone. Barnes realizes Taylor is actually part of the terror plot. Ashton is later placed in an ambulance with Suarez and Veronica disguised as medics. Javier joins Taylor in a police car to a planned rendezvous at the overpass. Barnes commandeers a car and chases Taylor and Javier. Barnes however, gets into a collision with a truck, allowing the duo to escape. At the overpass, Enrique, who did not die in the blast at the podium as intended, confronts Javier and Taylor. Enraged, Javier shoots Enrique, mistakenly believing he had knowledge of his kidnapped brother's whereabouts. Javier is then shot and killed by Taylor when he demands to be brought to his brother, who had been killed earlier by Suarez with a Beretta 84FS Cheetah pistol. Enrique dies of his wounds as Barnes reaches the scene on foot firing several rounds at Taylor, who attempts to flee. After crashing his car, a critically injured Taylor is dragged out by Barnes. He orders Taylor to reveal where the president has been taken, but Taylor dies. Meanwhile, Ashton regains consciousness in the ambulance and attacks Veronica, distracting her and Suarez just as Anna runs into their path. Suarez swerves causing the ambulance to flip over just as Lewis pulls Anna out of its way. Barnes runs to the ambulance where he sees Veronica lying dead. He notices Suarez going for his Glock 26 pistol in a waistband holster only to intercept and shoot Suarez dead.