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Steve Navarro

Steve Navarro is a supporting ally-turned-traitor in the 24: Live Another Day mini-series and is portrayed by actor Benjamin Bratt in each appearance.

Character Actions Summary[]

Steve Navarro was the station chief of the CIA's station in West London, England during Day 9 of the series. His staff included Mariana, Kate Morgan, Jordan Reed and Erik Ritter. At first it appeared that Navarro was being arrogant and just trying to react to every terrorism scenario in order to get ahead in his career but it was actually due to keeping cover as part of helping out infamous hacker Adrian Cross for an unrefusable amount of money. Once Navarro realized that analyst Reed was onto the evidence Navarro had previously covered up and that Cross refused to help him further with his tasks, Navarro decided to send Reed to do a different task as a diversion and so as to set him up into a trap where James Harman, a hitman hired by Navarro would take out Reed.

Reed ended up dying of his wounds but was also successful in killing the hitman Harman so eventually all leads still pointed back to Navarro and after a chase through London, he was brought back by Bauer and interrogated there despite much restraint by acting-head Ritter. Eventually, Navarro confessed to some valid information that pointed the agents in the right direction and Navarro was presumably granted the death penalty due to having arranged Kate Morgan's husband to appear as a traitor and cause him to take his own life and disgrace Kate's career as one of the agency's top spies.