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Stanley Goodspeed
Stanley Goodspeed in The Rock
Name: Stanley Goodspeed
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Residence(s): Washington, D.C.
Affiliation: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Profession: FBI agent/Chemical weapons specialist
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Carla Pestalozzi
Children: unborn son or daughter
Status: Alive
Played by: Nicolas Cage
Films: The Rock

Stanley Goodspeed is an FBI Agent and a Chemical Weapons expert, the husband of Carla Pestalozzi, and one of the two main protagonists of The Rock, along with John Mason. He was portrayed in the film by actor Nicolas Cage in one of his better known action movie roles.

The Rock[]

Stanley Godspeed was a chemical weapons expert who was set to accompany the team that was sent to Alcatraz to disable the rockets and eliminate General Francis X. Hummel and his marines. Earlier he was first seen in his office receiving the latest record of  

He interrogates John Mason and manages to convince him to become part of the operation and haves him to sign a pardon during the interrogation, Mason started mentioning names of historical figures who were illegally held prison, at the same time, Mason was secretly damaging the quarter that Paxton left. Although he succeed in getting Mason to cooperate, he witness Womack tore up Mason's Pardon, learning that Womack never intended to released Mason, despite telling him that its illegal to tear up a signed document, but Womack coldly tells him that he is not to acquainted with the facts. Goodspeed then told him he gave Mason his word, just when Mason cuts through the glass and breaks it.  

After he and John Mason saw SEAL team leader Commander Anderson and the Navy SEALs die, he and Mason went and disabled all the rockets after overcoming many difficulties. 

After disabling the missiles, he ran out, grab 2 flares and signal the jets to called off the attack, but one of them already fire a missile which missed then exploded and blew him in the water. Mason jumped in to save him and brought him to land and ask if this would make a great bedtime story to his kid, Stanley told him it would give the kid nightmares. Paxton contacted him, he answered him back and responded that the hostages were safe, then Womack ask him about Mason. Goodspeed having witness Womack tore up his pardon and knows that when they arrived, Womack wants him back in jail. Having giving his word, decided to tell him Mason is dead, instead of saying how, he just tells him to come get him.  

Goodspeed then informs Mason that Womack tore up his pardon, though Mason suspected he would, he then tells him how to escape, head to the place where the Scuba Gear is and then head to the Hotel where he'd find a set of Clothes and Money. Mason tells him its been a long time since he told someone thank you, and tells him take Carla to FT. Walton, Kansas for their Honeymoon. He gives him a piece of Paper saying "Front Pew". Realizing where this leads to, he turns and see Mason gone, so he waited for the FBI to show up. Later, the FBI arrives with a team soldiers as go free the hostages and secure the Island. 

Paxton congraduates him on his bravery and heroics and is sadden that Mason perished. Womack shows demanding to know where Mason's body is, but Goodspeed and Paxton tell him his Body was vaproized leaving him confused. 

Personality and Traits[]

Stanley Goodspeed is shown displayed intelligence when it comes to studying chemical weapons and has a good sense of humor. When interrogating Mason, he played good cop and act politely. He's also very good at his job

Though not a Field Agent, he even knows how to used and shoot a Gun and does show hand to hand combat.

Kills on The Rock[]

  • Hummel Marine B - Shot 6 times.
  • Captain Darrow - Shot with the rocket, impaling him on a post.
  • Captain Frye - Shoved VX Gas bead into his mouth, poisoning him.

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