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DHS- Stand Off (1994 rare VHS tape cover)

Stand Off is a rare and hard to find film available on VHS. It aired on television in 1994 and is said to be inspired by 1975's Dog Day Afternoon. It is distributed by Alliance Atlantis Entertainment and stars Gordan Clark, David Straithairn, Djanet Sears, Stephen Shellen and Joel Bissonnette.


An emotionally troubled man named David Maltby (Stephen Shellen) who takes as hostage Jane Briscoe (Djanet Sears), a minister at the Bahamian consulate in Ottowa. His demands: turn a local empty space into a shelter for homeless women & children, and set free a good friend still in prison.

The local police superintendent John McCowan (David Strathairn) tries to negotiate with Maltby while fending off attempts by the Canadian Mounties to take over the situation and shoot Maltby. Eventually, Briscoe learns to empathize with Maltby and the long-standing emotional issues that fuels his behavior, and talks him down.