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Spencer Wolff

Spencer Wolff is a supporting character on the fifth season of "24" and is portrayed by actor Johan Lotan.

Character Actions Summary[]

Spenser Wolff was an analyst working for CTU Los Angeles during the opening hours of Day 5. Spenser was brought into CTU after the events that took place in Day 4, and he served under Chloe O'Brian and Edgar Stiles in comm.

Spenser Wolff is laying in Chloe O'Brian's bed at the beginning of Day 5. Chloe is unhappy with the fact that she slept with a co-worker. Later that day, Chloe is extremely unhappy with Spenser when he was revealed as a mole working in CTU. However, Spenser actually believed he was working for the government and was not intentionally doing any wrongdoing. Walt Cummings, President Charles Logan's Chief of Staff, and another government worker, James Nathanson, had gotten Spenser to supply them with Intel that helped them complete their plot that resulted in the deaths of Chloe O'Brian's closest friends. Spenser is fired later on.

Later, Chloe convinces Bill Buchanan to temporarily reinstate Spenser so he can help Jack access a secure building. After he is done with his job, Chloe dismisses him.