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The Speed film series is a series of action films. The series is composed of Speed and Speed 2: Cruise Control. which all follow a hero cop to stop a vengeful, intelligent criminal who have taken control of occupied, moving vehicles as the different hero scrambles to stop a different villain and try to prevent a commandeered transportation vehicle. Combined, all 2 films had grossed over $514 million worldwide from the first one to the second one.


Speed (1994)[]

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In the first film, SWAT officer Jack Traven tries to defuse a bomb on a bus planted by vengeful ex-bomb squad sergeant Howard Payne and has to keep it above 50 mph to prevent detonation with Annie Porter drive the bus.

Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997)[]

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In the second film, off-duty SWAT officer Alex Shaw tries to stop disgruntled computer hacker John Geiger, who commandeered the cruise ship's computer systems and sets it into a oil tanker with Annie Porter in the middle of the chaos.