Transporting genetically enhanced pork for a space station conglomerate, independent trucker John Canyon (Dennis Hopper) is tired of getting ripped off by tight-fisted employers, a gripe that's shared by neophyte trucker Mike Pucci (Stephen Dorff) and greasy spoon waitress Cindy (Debi Mazar). Meanwhile, on a distant planet, power-mad dictator E.J. Saggs (Shane Rimmer) pays munitions genius Nabel (Charles Dance) to invent a phalanx of invincible robots primed to invade the Earth. Accompanied by Mike and Cindy, Canyon accepts an Earth-bound gig transporting cargo that's mislabeled as sex toys; it's really a shipment of Saggs's Kill-Bots. During the journey, Canyon and crew get space-jacked by a pirate band led by Nabel, now using the sobriquet "Macanudo." Although an ungrateful Saggs had tried to eliminate him, Nabel survived an explosion and reassembled himself like the Abominable Dr. Phibes. Can a road-hog, a rookie, and a hash-slinger prevent Nabel and his cosmic creeps from ruling Earth with remote-controlled androids? Can they first learn how to control these increasingly self-reliant terminators? Although one might expect a little more inventiveness from Stuart Gordon, the man who gave us RE-ANIMATOR, this interplanetary road picture provides something (almost) completely different by retooling elements from several genres. Perhaps the first-ever country-western galactic adventure, this silly and chaotic action comedy transplants the slapdash ambience of SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT to outer space. The costumes and sets are suitably campy, and it's quite amusing to hear good ol' boy dialogue as asteroid showers rain down. As for the expected Gordon gross-outs, the reconstituted Nabel ranks high in the annals of disgusting villains. Imagine Darth Vader blown up and put back together by the Pep Boys and Dr. Who.

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