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Slo-Mo is a fictional drug featured in the 2012 film Dredd.

It is a major part of the film. 


Slo-Mo was manufactured in the Peachtree Block by the Ma-Ma Clan. The drug was first invented by chemist and old time friend of Madeline Madrigal: Eric, as was revealed in the Dredd 2012 prequel comic: Top of the world.


The drug appears to be a psychadelic that slows the users perception of time to 1% of its normal speed. It also makes the user see colours more vividly, and appears to have a euphoric effect.

In the ten-page Dredd companion prequel comic, "Ma-Ma: Top of the World", Slo-Mo's creator, a chemist named Eric provides more insight into what exactly the drug is. He claims it to be an "LSD derivative", the effects of which are "like seeing God through the cracks of creation". The creators of the film maintain that Slo-Mo is designed to find moments of beauty and tranquility in the horrific Mega City One.