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thumb|358px|link=Skip Tyler wasEmil Stenz's computer hacker and the most flamboyant mercenary.

He was portrayed by Jimmi Simpson.

White House Down[]

Skip Tyler originally worked for the NSA but was fired and arrested for rewriting missile launch coordinates for Apple headquarters after growing disgruntled at their music sharing policies.

Skip was flamboyant and flashy, and spent most of his time in the film in the computer room underneath the White House. He was able to easily hack into the computer network and sardonically answered calls from NORAD before putting them on hold. He also hacked into the NORAD database and launched a rocket targeting Air Force One, killing everyone on board including Vice President Alvin Hammond. Skip was good at bombs, but he wasn't immune to his own traps. While trying to escape, he encountered that one of the gates was rigged with a bomb. He tried to disarm it with his keycard, only to activate the bomb. As a result, Skip was killed when the bomb exploded.


  • Skip Tyler was inspired by Theo from Die Hard.
  • He somehow looks like Vector from the animated comedy Despicable Me and is also similar to him due to the fact he wears glasses, they both launch missiles, and are both hackers.

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