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DHS- Silent Venom DVD alternate cover for foreign countries

Silent Venom is a 2009 DTV cash-in on the Snakes on a Plane formula only this time set on a submarine as opposed to a plane. It's directed by schlock filmmaker Fred Olen Ray and stars Tom Berenger, Luke Perry and Krista Allen.


At the tail end of what has become a lackluster career, Lt. Cmdr. James O'Neill (Luke Perry) gets a chance to redeem himself when Adm. Bradley Wallace (Tom Berenger) recruits him to head a classified mission. He is to rescue government scientist Dr. Andrea Swanson (Krista Allen) from an island laboratory. O'Neill retrieves Swanson's team with surprising ease, only to find his ship besieged by the scaly subjects of a top-secret research project -- a vicious breed of genetically altered snakes. Initial release: June 2, 2009 Director: Fred Olen Ray