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DHS- Tom Sizemore in 24 The Game

Sid Wilson

Sid Wilson is a supporting character in 24: The Game and who's likeness and voice is portrayed by Tom Sizemore.

Videogame Character Summary[]

An associate of terrorists partners Peter Madsen and Joseph Sin-Chung, Madsen was assigned and successful at having his goons help take over CTU headquarters in Los Angeles. Wilson took over CTU in order to free the captured Chung. Wilson complained that they were taking too long to get out prior to Tony Almeida and the respective authorities arriving. When Madsen appeared to be leaving Wilson and his men behind, Wilson protested again. Madsen then shot him in response. Later, Sid's men attacked Madsen at his base, but were foiled by CTU Agent Chase Edmunds, who was working undercover with Madsen's gang.