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Sergei Bazhaev

Sergei Bazhaev is a supporting character on the eighth season of "24" and is portrayed by actor Jürgen Prochnow.

Character Summary[]

Sergei was a high-ranking mob boss in the extremely secretive Russian crime syndicate Red Square, and was a co-conspirator in the assassination plot against President Omar Hassan.

Later in the season, with his immunity deal revoked due to his failure to help the CTU team in New York recover the fuel rods he had helped the Kamistan terrorists smuggle in, Sergei was later arraigned in court for his part in the assassination plot, trafficking the nuclear rods, and Oleg's murder when he noticed Jack enter the court room and told his lawyer to request a 5 minute recess. When Jack confronted him about Renee Walker's murder, Sergei claimed to know nothing, but later relented and revealed the involvement of both the Russian Government and Dana Walsh when Jack threatened to kill what was left of his family. Afterwords, Sergei was taken away and Jack had Bazhaev's family put into protective custody.