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Sean Bean
DHS- Sean Bean
Name: Shaun Mark Bean
Birthplace: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, UK
Birthdate: April 17, 1959
Active: 1984–present
Films appeared in: Patriot Games
Don't Say a Word
Soldiers of Fortune
Role: Sean Miller (Patriot Games)
006 (GoldenEye)
Dave Toombs (Airborne)
Spence (Ronin)
Patrick Koster (Don't Say a Word)
Captain Rich (Flightplan)
Ewan (Cleanskin)
Dimidov (Soldiers of Fortune)
Paul Winstone (Missing)
Martin Odum (Legends)

Sean Bean (born April 17, 1959) is a British actor who has appeared in film and television franchises such as the first Pierce Brosnan James Bond entry GoldenEye, the Lord of the Rings trilogy (with Karl Urban and Sean Astin), "Richard Sharpe" series (with Alice Krige), Silent Hill films (with Radha Mitchell and Carrie-Anne Moss), the first season of "Game of Thrones" (which later had Lena Headey, Alexander Siddig and Deobia Oparei as series regulars) and the hit 2014 TNT cable series "Legends" (with Steve Harris).

Bean's additional film credits include: Stormy Monday (with Tommy Lee Jones), The Field (with Tom Berenger), Patriot Games (with Harrison Ford and Samuel L. Jackson), Bravo Two Zero, Don't Say a Word, Troy, National Treasure (with Nicolas Cage and David Dayan Fisher), The Island, The Hitcher (a 2007 remake of the Rutger Hauer and C. Thomas Howell 1986 original) , Black Death, Death Race 2 (with Luke Goss, Ving Rhames and Danny Trejo), Soldiers of Fortune (again with Rhames and also with Christian Slater and Colm Meaney) and Jupiter Ascending (with Channing Tatum).