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DHS- Ulrich Thomsen as Davidov in 007 The World Is Not Enough (1999)


Sasha Davidov (often referred to as just "Davidov") is a briefly seen villain working with Elektra King and Renard in the 1999 James Bond film The World Is Not Enough. He is portrayed by actor Ulrich Thomsen in the film.

Character Details[]

Davidov is in effect Elektra King's right-hand-man, as he is in charge of her personal security and also meets with Renard on a regular basis to update him on the status of the terrorist plan.

Character Actions Summary[]

After Renard's men fail to terminate Bond in a staged attack upon the King pipeline, Davidov is brought before Renard to answer for the mission's failure. Dr. Arkov urges Renard to abandon the rest of the operation for fear that the failed attack will raise too much suspicion of them, and blames Davidov for the incident. Renard seemingly orders his execution, but instead spares Sasha and murders Arkov instead. Sasha takes over Dr. Arkov's job of infiltrating the nuclear decommissioning site but only makes it as far as the airport.

After having his devotion to the cause tested by Renard and his scalding hot rocks, Bond discovers Davidov's affiliation and shoots him twice before dropping him into a trash skip. He then assumes Davidov's identity and is able to infiltrate the strike team Renard sends to steal a nuclear warhead in Kazakhstan. Davidov's body is discovered by local authorities some time later, giving Elektra further pretense to ask M to come to her aid before her later betrayal of MI6.