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Sam Medina
DHS- Sam Medina (12 Rounds, OHF)
Birthplace: N/A
Birthdate: N/A
Active: 2007–present
Films appeared in: 12 Rounds
Olympus Has Fallen
Role: Henchman (12 Rounds)
Stunts (Hijacked)
Yu (Olympus Has Fallen)

Sam Medina is a stunt performer, actor and martial artist who has portrayed various Asian or Hispanic thugs in over 50 movies and TV shows. His credits include: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans (with Nicolas Cage), Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (with Willem Dafoe), Arena (with Samuel L. Jackson), Dragon Eyes (with Peter Weller and Jean-Claude Van Damme), The Baytown Outlaws, Looper (with Bruce Willis), Savages (with John Travolta), Freelancers (with Forest Whitaker) and Machete Kills (with Danny Trejo).

He appeared in the Die Hard scenario films 12 Rounds and Olympus Has Fallen, both in antagonistic henchmen roles.