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Elizabeth Hurley as Sabrina Ritchie.

Sabrina Ritchie is the secondary antagonist in Passenger 57. She was Charles Rane's only henchwoman and second-in-command.

She was portrayed by Elizabeth Hurley

Character Biography[]

Sabrina Ritchie is first seen in the flight attendant room at the back of the plane, where she meets fellow flight attendant Marti Slayton. The two seem to hit it off and Ritchie seems like a fun, outgoing person. Later in the film, Sabrina sees a child and plays a game with him before bringing him an orange soda, saying that if any bad guys were on board, she would just bring out her own gun and fight them, providing some foreshadowing. Later Sabrina brings a tray of food to Rane and asks him how he would like his sirloin. He replies "bloody" and she suddenly grabs a suppressed SIG-Sauer P226 pistol from underneath the lid and kills the two agents with it, revealing herself as an antagonist.

Later in the film she seems to have a romantic interest in Rane and gets jealous when he tries to seduce Slayton. Eventually, Ritchie is knocked out by John Cutter in the cockpit and then arrested by police. She is the only female villain in the film and also the only one to survive. 


  • In the original script, her name was Fiona Ritchie and she was Irish.
  • Although Passenger 57 received terrible reviews from critics, the villains were applauded and Sabrina Ritchie's villain reveal is usually thought of as among one of the most surprising villain reveals in cinema.