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Roy Scheider
DHS- Roy Scheider
Name: Roy Richard Scheider
Birthplace: Orange, New Jersey, United States
Birthdate: November 10, 1932
Deathdate: February 10, 2008
Active: 1965–2009
Films appeared in: Executive Target
The Peacekeeper
Evasive Action
Chain of Command
The Punisher (2004 film)
Role: President Carlsen (Executive Target)
President Robert Baker (The Peacekeeper)
Enzo Marcelli (Evasive Action)
President Jack Cahill (Chain of Command)
Frank Castle, Sr. (The Punisher)

Roy Scheider (born November 10, 1932; died February 10, 2008) was an American actor best known for appearing in hit films such as Jaws, The French Connection, All That Jazz and 2010: The Year We Made Contact. Other film credits include: The Fourth War (with Jürgen Prochnow), The Russia House (with Sean Connery), Romeo is Bleeding (with Gary Oldman), The Rage (with Gary Busey) and the TV mini-series "The Seventh Scroll" (with Jeff Fahey). He also headlined the cult TV series "seaQuest DSV" and had a recurring supporting role on NBC's "Third Watch".