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Ron Cheals

Ron Cheals is a supporting character on the TV series "The Unit" and is portrayed by actor Michael O'Neill. The character appears throughout the first season and is last seen making a guest appearance in the second season.

Character Summary[]

Cheals is a former member of "The Unit" team who was crippled during a mission and forced into retirement. Years later, Cheals is still not dealing with the severe injuries that left him disabled well.

Jonas Blane's wife Molly confronts Ron after an incident about his apparent addiction to painkillers. Molly also tries to help Cheal's spouse try to cope with Ron's unpleasant nature at times due to her experience being an Army wife as well. Episodes later, Jonas has to have other members of his team including Bob Brown help him deal with some of Ron's shadowy deals that went south and help cover them up as a favor for Ron.